Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023?

Is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023? - GameBlock
Is the Nintendo Switch still a good choice in 2023? Today, we will breaking down the Nintendo Switch to determine whether this gaming console, known for its captivating gaming experiences and one of a kind versatility, maintains its appeal in today's landscape.
Controversy around the console has been rising as of late, even leading people like Jonathan B. Jørgensen of Triple Topping Games, saying that "Technology has advanced a lot since the Switch was released." Through a comprehensive look at its game library, performance capabilities, and overall market presence, we seek to shed light on whether the Nintendo Switch stands strong as a relevant and attractive gaming platform in this day and age. So, without further ado, is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023?

Is the Nintendo Switch's game library 'perfect' ?

The Nintendo Switch boasts an diverse game library that includes both iconic titles and new releases. The platform has been seen to have some of the biggest and most beloved games across various genres. Games like "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild," "Super Mario Odyssey," and "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" have garnered immense popularity, showcasing the console's capacity to deliver captivating experiences.
However, as we make way through 2023, the Nintendo Switch continues to receive progressively more and more highly anticipated releases. These encompass a range of genres, from action and adventure to role-playing and multiplayer experiences. 
Here are some of the new games that are coming out for the Switch in 2023 that help it remain at the forefront of delivering innovative and engaging content to its dedicated fanbase.
Detective Pikachu Returns: 6th October 2023 
In this long-awaited sequel, players will once again assume the role of Pikachu's trusted human partner, Tim Goodman, as they work together to solve a complex and mysterious case. Equipped with his iconic fedora and magnifying glass, Pikachu sets out to unearth the mysteries of Ryme City. Accompanied by a number of familiar faces from the first game and throughout the Pikachu series.
The game takes full advantage of the Switch's capabilities, featuring exceptionally detailed environments and stunning character animations that bring the Pokémon-filled city to life. With an intriguing storyline and stimulating twists, Detective Pikachu Returns provides an immersive and engaging experience for both Pokémon fans and detective enthusiasts alike.
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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: Release Date 20 October 2023

Super Mario Bros. Wonder | Nintendo Switch games | Games | Nintendo

Dive into a world of infinite imagination and unconstrained adventure with "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" for the Nintendo Switch. This iconic game franchise makes a triumphant return, taking players on an enchanting journey through vibrant landscapes, treacherous obstacles, and charismatic characters.

This game is set in a realm where creativity knows no bounds, "Super Mario Bros. Wonder" introduces an innovative gameplay, allowing players to harness the power of magical paintbrushes to reshape the environment around them.

Traverse through sprawling levels that blend classic Mario charm with refreshing twists, where your creativity becomes the ultimate tool for success. Nintendo is showing that they're willing to get creative with Super Mario Bros.' formula, which is a good sign for things to come in the near future.


Nintendo Switch Games - Coming 2024


Princess Peach Solo Game:  Early 2024

During the 2023 Nintendo Direct, a surprise announcement was shown to viewers: Princess Peach, the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, was shown to be getting a game solely based around her, presumably on Nintendo Switch. It will launch sometime in 2024.

The princess has not had her own game since 2005’s; 'Super Princess Peach' on Nintendo DS. In the new teaser, Princess Peach is seen stepping on a particular spot which causes her to glow and possibly transform in some way, but the game footage cuts off before anything is revealed. 

Luigi's Mansion - Dark Moon Remake:  Mid 2024

Revealed during the Nintendo Direct event, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Remake/ Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 2 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2024 over 10 years after its initial release on the 3DS in 2013. We haven't been given much information about the game just yet, apart from a 20-second clip, but effectively it just a visually-enhanced version of the same game, but for the Nintendo Switch console.

Does the console perform to its 'revered' standards?

Nintendo Switch 2 - kiedy premiera? Nowe informacje

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Nintendo Switch - Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The base Switch model support has an adjusted and flexible execution that has set its place in the industry as a beloved gaming system. Including a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor, the Switch offers a seamless transition between handheld and docked modes, allowing players allowing players to experience their favorite games with consistent quality and performance, whether on the go or on the big screen.

While its specifications may not match those of more powerful gaming consoles, the Switch's performance shines in its ability to deliver a wide array of engaging titles while maintaining a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. The console's innovative design, paired with Nintendo's meticulously crafted first-party games, ensures that the Switch remains a go-to choice for players who value both convenience and gameplay quality.

Nintendo Switch OLED - Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The standard Nintendo Switch OLED console delivers an enhanced gaming experience through its improved performance and captivating visuals. Equipped with a vibrant OLED display, this iteration of the iconic console offers deeper contrasts and more vivid colors, elevating gameplay to new levels of immersion. The console's upgraded hardware ensures smoother gameplay and quicker loading times, allowing players to fully appreciate the intricate details of their favorite games.

Whether playing in handheld mode or docked to a TV, the Nintendo Switch OLED maintains its reputation for seamless transitions between modes, offering a versatile gaming experience. With its combination of a stunning display, refined performance, and the extensive library of Nintendo's beloved titles, the Nintendo Switch OLED continues to provide a compelling platform for gamers to enjoy their adventures both at home and on the go.

Nintendo Switch Lite - Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

The Nintendo Switch Lite offers a streamlined gaming experience with its focused design and optimized performance. Tailored for on-the-go gaming, the Switch Lite maintains a compact and lightweight form factor without detachable Joy-Con controllers, enhancing its portability and durability. The console features a 5.5-inch touch screen that displays games in high-definition resolution, ensuring a visually immersive experience.

Powered by the same custom NVIDIA Tegra processor as the standard Nintendo Switch, the Switch Lite delivers smooth gameplay for a wide range of titles. Its integrated controls provide a comfortable and intuitive gaming feel, making it suitable for extended gaming sessions. While the Switch Lite is primarily designed for handheld play, it's also compatible with a growing library of games that support handheld mode. Overall, the Nintendo Switch Lite excels in offering a cohesive and reliable performance for gamers seeking a more portable and focused gaming experience.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch OLED vs Nintendo Switch Lite Specifications - Is the Nintendo Switch worth it?

  Nintendo Switch OLED Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch Lite
Price £309.99 £259.99 £199.99
Screen 7-inch OLED, 720p, 60 Hz 6-inch LCD, 720p, 60 Hz 5.5-inch LCD, 720p, 60 Hz
Dimensions 9.4 x 4.0 x 0.6 inches 9.4 x 4.0 x 0.6 inches 8.2 x 3.6 x 0.6 inches
Weight Approx. 422g Approx. 399g Approx. 277g
Battery Life 4.5 to 9 hours 4.5 to 9 hours 3 to 7 hours
Data Storage  64GB 32GB 32GB
TV Docking Yes Yes No
Joy-Con Detachability Yes Yes No
Standard Colour Options Black and White / Red and Blue Gray / Red and Blue Gray / Turquoise / Yellow/ Pink / Purple


 So is the Nintendo Switch worth it in 2023?

Absolutely, the Nintendo Switch continues to hold its worth in 2023 as a remarkable gaming console. With its distinctive blend of portability and versatility, it offers an unparalleled gaming experience. The expansive game library, encompassing both iconic classics and exciting new releases, caters to a wide range of preferences.

Additionally, the console's adaptability between handheld and docked modes ensures seamless transitions between on-the-go and at-home gameplay. The introduction of the Nintendo Switch Pro model has further enhanced performance and visual quality, enhancing gameplay immersion.

Furthermore, the thriving multiplayer community and the unique Joy-Con controllers contribute to the social and interactive aspects of gaming. Considering its enduring popularity, innovation, and the captivating experiences it continues to provide, the Nintendo Switch remains a resounding affirmative choice for gaming enthusiasts and casual players alike in 2023.

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