Welcome to our extensive collection of PlayStation gaming accessories and repair parts! Whether you're a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, we have everything you need to enhance your gaming experience and keep your PlayStation console in top shape. Our wide range of accessories and repair parts ensures that you can fully enjoy your favorite games without any interruptions.

Our inventory boasts a comprehensive selection of PlayStation gaming accessories, carefully curated to meet the needs of every gamer. From controllers and power supply's to ribbon cables and av cables, we have it all. Enhance your gameplay with our high-quality controllers, designed for precision and comfort. Immerse yourself in the virtual world with our top-notch headsets, delivering crystal-clear audio and an immersive gaming experience.
Keep your controllers powered up and organised with our reliable chargers, ensuring that you never have to pause your gaming sessions due to dead batteries. Plus, our console stands provide a secure and stylish way to display your PlayStation console while optimising airflow for optimal performance.
In addition to our impressive collection of gaming accessories, we also offer a wide array of repair parts to keep your PlayStation console running smoothly.
Whether you're dealing with a faulty disc drive, a malfunctioning power supply, or a damaged HDMI port, we have the necessary parts to get your console up and running again. Our repair parts are sourced from reputable manufacturers, ensuring high quality and compatibility with your PlayStation model. With our reliable repair parts, you can save money by fixing your console yourself and avoid the hassle of sending it in for repairs.
Shop with confidence at GameBlock and explore our extensive collection of PlayStation gaming accessories and repair parts. Whether you're looking to elevate your gaming experience or fix your console, we have the right products to suit your needs. Browse our inventory today and embark on an unforgettable gaming journey with PlayStation!


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audio video cable for playstation 2composite av cable for ps2
PlayStation 8MB Memory Card - Save Your Games, Replay Your Favorite Moments, and More Playstation
AC Adapter For PS2 Slim 8.5V Power Supply For PlaySation 2 Slim
PS2 Power Supply with UK PlugPS2 AC Adapter with Power Lead
PlayStation 3 Black ControllerPS3 Wireless Gamepad
audio video cable for playstation 3audio video cable for playstation 3
Power cable lead with a figure of 8 UK plug. Compatible with PS1 PS2 PS3Heavy Duty Power Cable Lead For PS1 PS2 PS3
High-Quality PSP Power Supply AC Adapter with Power Lead Cable Plug - GameBlockHigh-Quality PSP Power Supply AC Adapter with Power Lead Cable Plug - GameBlock
Replacement PSP AC AdapterPlayStation PSP Power Supply
PlayStation 2 Slim Power Supply Adapter + AV Cable + UK PlugPlayStation 2 Slim Power Supply Adapter + AV Cable + UK Plug
Power Lead Cable & AV Cable for Playstation 1,2,3 | GameBlockPower Lead Cable & Audio Video Cable for Sony PS1 PS2 PS3
PS2 Wired Controller + Slim Power Supply Adapter + AV Cable For Sony PlayStation 2 - GameBlock
ps3-power-on-off-eject-ribbon-cable-10-pin. jpg
audio video cable for playstation 1audio video cable for playstation 1
new-replacement-cd-laser-spindle-hub-disc-holder-for-ps1. jpg
parts-lens-extension-cable-for-ps1-console. jpg
PlayStation 2 Black ControllerPS2 Wired Gamepad